DIY Project; chairs for the home office

As much as I love designer furniture I happen to think that having only designer furniture is no fun. I like to mix all eras in interior designing. Even if I sold most of my antiques when moving to our new home, I still have some left.

These peasant rococo chairs used to belong to my late mother. She was the ultimate romantic ever, even Barbara Cartland would have seemed cynical next to her. Her house was filled with ruffles and gold-plated furniture. She loved the old charm and deep in her heart I am pretty sure, she believed she was born in the wrong age. She belonged to the Victorian era. Oh, how I miss her!

I love DIY projects. They make me happy. That is something I have inherited from my late mother. Giving a new life to an old piece is always fun. But be careful here! Some old pieces should be left as they are. I have seen plenty of DIY projects where a beautiful old piece has been destroyed by bad restoration. Usually truly old pieces should be left as they are!

The old white-blue peasant rococo chairs did not match for anything. They just looked tired.

My DIY project this time was a set of peasant rococo chairs. My mom had them since forever but I was never too keen on them. The only reason why I still had them was that they were very comfortable to sit on and I had not bothered to buy new chairs for my home office nook. The off-white-blue conbination did not match our new house. It did not match anything really. 

For the paint I chose the darkest shade of gray with a glossy surface.

On my first days of summer vacation I needed a project to do. A little paint and fabric. I decided to turn the silly old rococo chairs to match the rest of the house. To make them bold and modern. And I am quite satisfied with the outcome. The chairs have a whole new character. They fit the rest of the house and they are fun. 

A new life of a peasant rococoo chairs. Bold and modern but not too serious.

It is amazing what a little paint and a designer fabric can do. My small home office looks modern, chic and it is functional. A fun place to work really.

My small home office is an inviting place to work at.
Small, compact and fun. A perfect home office really.