Native art

Native art comes in many forms. In fact, it is more like a genre in any form of art. It represents the rich aboriginal culture in any art form. From music to clothing. From silverware to paintings. From jewelry to literature. 

I have always liked Native art. There is something magical in it. It tells a story of hundreds of years and it is meaningful. Also the lines and the colors are exceptional. I find it warm and very suitable for a contemporary home.

One of the most popular forms of Native art is found in jewelry. The jewelry is rich in symbolicism and the ideas mainly are from nature. The jewelry is detailed and beautifully finished. It is made suitable for any budget as the materials vary. The modern jewelry, often rich in detail but exiguous in impression, brightens up any outfit. 

The jewelry is detailed and beautifully finished. It is made suitable for any budget as the materials vary.

My favourite form of Native art comes in wall art. I love the paintings and statues. I love the soft lines of wood and the determined drawings. The bold non-apologetic drawings with a deeper meaning. The layered pictures that capture the mind. The calming or up-lifting stories behind the shown pictures.

The Sun by S. Nelson

My home office walls carry a beautiful yet small collection of Native art. In the future I wish to collect more of these unique hand-made treasures, but I want to hand-pick the right pieces. The best place to find this beautifulart is no doubt the West Coast. Vancouver alone accommodates tens of high quality galleries which sell the most beautiful pieces of First Nations art. Visiting these galleries opens a whole new world in understanding Native art. If you have never had the chance to get acquainted with First Nation’s art before the UBC Museum of Antropology is a good place to start your journey. The museum gives a load of valuable information and shows true masterpieces of Native art such as the magnificent sculpture by Bill Reid called “The Raven and the First Men“. 
The Raven an the First Men by Bill Reid. Photo curtesy of

To my eye the contemporary home should hold interesting pieces of art. Pieces that are more than meets the eye. The art of the First Nations is a perfect choice to complete a straightforward interior style.

“Salmon” by L.A. Wilson and “Coast Salish Orca” by Alfred Crocker
Raven by John Bee